Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just A Little Tidbit

I've noticed that when God puts something on my heart, He provides for me to follow through with what that is. Sometimes I forget what this life story is about and see it as 'Him providing for me' and then other times, and thankfully so, I will be reminded that He is actually providing for His will to be done. Praise Him for that, His will is perfect anyway! Isn't that what we want to know and accomplish...His will, isn't that how we get to come into complete agreement with Him??? God's story is just so amazing and wonderful, words don't tell enough, it has to be lived...'His Way,' and if we take notice a little more often, 'His Way' is always lovingly for another, which also includes us.

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MuseSwings said...

Well said! Your posts are simply lovely!