Monday, May 26, 2008

Making Memories

Remember making memories??? I do. Sometimes, though, I forget to notice that there are still memories being made and yet more to be made. The difference from earlier in life to now is that I can appreciate the making of them and am aware of the sentimental value they will have for my children and my other children (well you know...their spouses, cousins, friends) one day. Sometimes we try to protect our teens and young adults from too much hard work while we are depriving them from the fun of working together, sharing the gifts of themselves, and appreciating the giving and receiving of love. Late the other night, I listened to the afterthoughts and conversations of my kids, my nephews, and so on as they went over the events of a full day of hard labor, sweating in the hot sun and humidity, and the sharing of good food and laughter that went along with it. All of a sudden it hit me, I was watching and listening as they enjoyed the fruits of their labor. And what a blessing that was! I can recall doing the same as a child and still again today, only as a kid I didn't really understand what was happening. And here they were, my kids, making memories, and not only for themselves but for me too. Some people say the future is grim for our kids...I disagree, or maybe those people don't know MY kids. I see a bright future for them and will continue to support them in everything they do and well, even in everything they don't do (because well you see we have to do that for them sometimes).

Some amusing memories were made this weekend too, which I won't go into detail, except to say that I know nothing about the items sold in Home Depot nor what they are used for, nor do I care. A few trips there confirmed for sure that I am very glad to be a woman...shoe stores, boutiques, and malls, are much more worthwhile, fun, and entertaining places where you can also buy things you really need.

Speaking of memories, now that my memory is not as good as it used to be or maybe just too full to add more, photographs are becoming really important...with names and dates that is of who's who, and where and when. Which brings up a funny memory. One day while watching a slide show of baby pictures at school for one of my kids, my child's picture came up and as the room filled with oohhs and aahhs, it was brought to my attention that the photo in the slide show was one of my other children. Needless to say, I covered my mouth, kept quiet, and to this day I can promise you, that's a memory I will always remember that I would like to forget.

Memories are so lovely when they're yours, and even more so when they're shared. So, please, share some memories.

Friday, May 23, 2008


As I sit here contemplating on what thoughts I should pen (well type) to my new blog, which is something I've never done before and am completely unfamiliar with, I've come to realize that I can put down in words anything I see fit (well almost anything). This is MY blog!

I thought I'd first discuss how I chose my blog name, Simply Lovely. I've always loved the word 'lovely' and its definition because it can be used so often in descriptions; lovely flowers, the lovely weather, oh what lovely children, the lovely world, even what lovely fruit, etc., and so on. When I first learned that the Bible tells us that when we die and go to heaven, God will give us a new name, my thoughts immediately went to "well I hope He calls me Lovely." My heart's desire is that the Lord will look at me and say, "you are simply lovely, therefore I will call you 'Lovely.'"

My thoughts for this day were mostly about what to have for dinner and what time to go to bed tonight so that I can get up early tomorrow. Sounds pretty boring doesn't it??? It was one of those weeks of partial busyness and partial boredom. Circumstances beyond my control have stifled me for a couple of days, some car trouble and a sick child have altered my plans.

Another thought I've been having today is that I think I'm really going to enjoy this "blogging."

Putting thoughts in writing is a wonderful way to have conversation during some alone time...even if it is one-sided. So please, be sure to comment and make it two-or-more-sided.